Friday, March 26, 2010

37 weeks

• How far along: 37 weeks
• Weight gain: Ha! We’re not going to talk about this!
• Maternity clothes: Yep
• Belly button in or out: Still hasn't "popped"
• Sleep: I’m up several times a night but I have been feeling refreshed in the mornings. Too bad it only lasts till lunch time!
• Stretch marks: I think I might have one. I found a dark spot on my side… I’m not really sure if it’s a stretch mark or not
• Food cravings: Cookies- any kind
• Movement: I knew he was pretty active but the doctor started me on kick counts last week and I have at least 60 per day! I was shocked.
• Labor signs: As of today I am a finger tip dilated and 65% effaced.
• What I'm looking forward to: Not being pregnant any more!!!
• What I miss most: sleeping on my tummy, having a drink, tanning, my shoes fitting, clothes with out elastic… Can you tell I’m OVER it?!
• Miles stones: I’m “full term” today! Brock’s lungs should now be fully developed and it’s considered safe for him to come when he wants now! Yay I’m almost done!!!

Non-baby news:

Our new living room furniture will be delivered tomorrow! I'm so excited!!! Even though we haven't moved yet it will at least feel like a whole new house!

We got word that the owners "people" finally got in contact with someone at Freddie Mac and they are willing to help "rush approval." now we are going on 5 months and we're just now getting this so I'm not sure they know what rush means but hey I'll take what we can get!

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  1. Anxiously awaiting to hear if Baby Brock is here yet!!