Tuesday, May 10, 2011

11 Days & Counting

I've been SO busy with Brock, settling in to our new house :) and being pregnant I didn't realize that I'm due in just 11 days until I went to the doctor yesterday and found out I'm 90% effaced and 2cm! With Brock I was in the hospital for over 24 hours to get to 2 cm. This kid could be here any day now!!!! I get more and more excited to meet Brody with every contraction. We are 99% sure that Brody will complete our family so with this most likely being my last pregnancy and our last baby I want to experience going in to labor on my own. I may be a little crazy but I'm secretly hoping for my water to brake while I'm out running errands for the full "only in the movies" type of experience but I'm not crazy enough to go natural. So let me go in to labor, get me to the hospital and get me an epi!