Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2 Years

Aaron and I tied the knot 2 years ago! It has been a crazy 2 years for sure. It seems like such a short amount of time but in those 2 short years we have bought 2 houses, had 2 kids, & moved to 2 states. Nona & Grand Buddy watched Brock for us Saturday night. It was my 1st time away from Brock over night but it went really well. Aaron and I bought a beautiful townhouse Saturday and we should close by the end of April. Here are some pictures of it! We are super excited. I think it will be perfect for us. When we finish the basement it will have 4 bed and 4 bath with a family room and hopefully a wine cellar!!! The past 2 years have been the best 2 years of my life. My love for Aaron and our family continues to grow each day. I could not be any more blessed. I love my Husband. I love my boys. I love my life. I'm one lucky girl!

A trip down memory lane...

Wedding Day

Pregnant with baby boy #1

Waiting for Brock and the house

House # 1

Brock Christian Campbell arrived at 11:47 PM on 4.8.2010

The Campbell's, A family of 3...

... Almost 4!!!

Happy Anniversary Aaron!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

11 Months

Only one more month till I have a one year old! This has been the fastest year of my entire life. Where has the time gone?

What Brock has been up to this month:
  • Has 3 teeth. He is cutting the top 2 now but only 1 has broken through
  • Cruises all over the place and walks between furniture but hasn't taken freestanding steps yet
  • Broke 19 pounds. Woot Woot!
  • Shakes his head no and looks to make sure we are watching before he does something he knows he shouldn't be doing.
  • Loves looking at fish, bubbles, clapping, being up side down, laughing, "talking", Lego's, feeding himself, his Daddy.

Minnesota Zoo

Last week we took a trip to the zoo. They had a nice indoor area with lots of monkeys, pigs, and reptiles. The has a couple of fish tanks that I guess you could call an aquarium but Brock loved it none the less. We will definitely be going back when it warms up and we can see all of the big animal outside. By the way... What do they do with the animals during the winter?

Brock loves the fish. We have to go to the aquarium soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pajama Party

Brock and I decided to stay in today and hang in our Pj's. It's been an awesome day. He has eaten 2 good meals, finished all of his milk (still out of his cup... woot woot!) and is taking his 2nd nap. I don't want to jinx myself, but I think I have my happy, silly, playful baby back!

What is that stuff Mom?

So pasty!

Check out that bed head!

I love my lazy boy!


The last of our boxes arrived yesterday and we are settling into our corporate apartment. We came here with 4 boxes and 4 suitcases. I feel so lost without all of our stuff. We definitely have to do some shopping for winter clothes. It's FREEZING!!!! The past few days have been pretty rough but each day is getting better. We are all trying to adjust to a new place, apartment life (our poor neighbors) and stay at home mommy-hood! It never crossed my mind that Brock would have a hard time adjusting to a new place. He is such a laid back kid I figured he would just go with it. He hasn't been eating or sleeping well which makes for a cranky baby and an exhausted momma! Last night he only woke up once and went right back down after I gave him his paci back so I'm hoping this wont last much longer.
Other than our challenges with eating and sleeping we have been able to get out and do some exploring. We went to Lego Land at Mall of America and Brock absolutely loved it. There were a lot of kids his age there that he could bang the blocks on the tables with. They also have an aquarium that I think we are going to visit next week. Yesterday we had baby story time at the library. We had a lot of fun reading, singing, dancing and playing with toys.
We are going to continue our search for a home on Saturday and our house in Florida closes next week. I can't wait to find a place of our own, with our own furniture. I feel like I'm living in someone elses place. It's weird.
We met Brock's pediatrician yesterday and are really pleased. The office is brand new and super clean. His doctor was very nice and he loved the fish tank in the lobby. :) The best part is- His ear infection cleared, so we can hold off on seeing the ENT Specialist for tubes!!!! Fingers crossed that we can make it through this winter with no more ear infections and no surgeries!!!
Nona and Grand Buddy (my in-laws) are babysitting for us Friday so Aaron and I can go see Hall Pass. I'm SO excited for a free babysitter and a date night!!!