Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Brock!!!

We officially have a one year old! We celebrated Brock's 1st Birthday this weekend and I think he may have had the best 1ST Birthday weekend EVER! We had a really busy weekend filled with tons of fun. Are you ready for picture overload? We went to lunch with Daddy on Friday (His real Birthday) and then we went to the aquarium. Brock loves to watch the fishies.
Jelly Fish

Sing Rays!

Eel. Gross!


Lots and lots of sharks!

Jelly Fish

We like to call this the Campbell fish.... Check out that huge forehead!

Saturday we had his party and it went off without a hitch. The weather was nice so we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and played with our new friends. The ball pit and tunnel that Gigi got Brock for his big day were a huge hit! I made a photo booth and got some really cute pictures. The adults had more fun with it than the kids but I'll blame that on Tami's sangria! I really thought Brock wouldn't be into the cake because of of the epic failure that our Birthday photo shoot was but he LOVED it! We cleaned cake out of his hair and ears for the next 2 days!

I made a photo banner with a picture from each month of Brock's 1st year

The Birthday Banner I made

Play Time!

Baby Cruz

Cruz & Jilly


James, the funniest 5 1/2 year old you will ever meet, having fun in the photo booth.

Grandbuddy & Brock


Brock & Mommy

Grandbuddy, Nona, Aunt McKenzie & Aunt Morgan

This is why we love Daddy

Dad & Aunt Kenzie

Mommy & Daddy

Glama & Brock

Brock's Great Grandma

That's parenting for the books people!

Let him eat cake!!!

Sunday the Dallas Stars were in town. Grandbuddy and Nona got Brock tickets to his 1st professional sporting event for his Birthday. He loved it! He clapped when everyone else clapped so clearly he was cheering for the wrong team but it was too cute! He did great through the whole game and we all had a lot of fun even though our Stars lost.

Sorry some of these are backwards. I don't have time to fix it so use your imagination!!!