Thursday, September 30, 2010

October already?!

How is it already October? I'm so excited for fall this year! Brock's 1st Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, oh my gosh I can't/can wait! I can't wait to experience all of these 1st's with Brock but at the same time I want time to freeze so I can enjoy every second of it. I picked Brock up from daycare the other day and I stopped at the door and watched him play for a few minutes before I went in. That's when it hit me that my baby isn't such a baby anymore! He's so big! He sits by himself, he plays so well with other kids, he's about to crawl, and he eats anything he can get his hands on... He needs to stop for a second! As awesome as he is to play with and as entertaining as he is when he laughs there is nothing that I enjoy more than feeding him his last bottle every night and watching him fall asleep in my arms. He's so sweet, peaceful and innocent. I would do anything to keep him that way!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On our way to 2 under two!

I can't believe it! We're expecting the newest addition to the Campbell Family in May, about a month after Brock's 1st Birthday! I never in a millions years thought we would actually have 2 under 2, much less 2 almost under 1! This is crazy stuff people! So here's the little peanut at 5 weeks 5 days. Although it's super tiny this little one has a strong heart beat and all is looking good so far!

I didn't start taking belly pics with Brock until 11 weeks but I think it will be awesome to see the differences between #1 and #2.

There it is! Teeny tiny baby #2!

Brock's Baptism

Brock's Baptism was a few weeks ago and he handled it like a champ. What else would you expect from this kid?! We flew home visited with friends and family and Brock got to meet his God Parents. It was a great weekend!

Ha-ha. Those are the only "decent" ones. My Mom sucks with a camera!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 months

Oh how time flies when you’re having fun. 5 months ago we were sitting silently on the couch watching our shows, sleeping whenever we wanted to, going out without a plan. 5 months ago I was thinking "I'm going to be a Mom next week!" 5 months ago I headed to Winnie Palmer Hospital in fear because I had not felt the little man move all day.5 months ago we welcomed our sweet little man into the world a few days early. Now here we are with a little man who is almost 1/2 a year young!

Here's what you've been up to this month:

•You moved up a class at daycare. You in a room full of sitters, crawlers and real food eaters! You LOVE your new teachers and friends. You have so much fun watching the big kids but you get frustrated because you're not quite there yet.
•You’re teething. You love anything you can get in your mouth, but you prefer blankets and burp clothes. Yesterday I caught you with your sock in your mouth!
•Your wearing 6-9 month clothing, size 2 shoes, and size 2 diapers.
•Your sleep is getting better and better. You usually wake up once around 3 up for the day around 7, ready to play.
•You love your toys, especially the ones that light up. I think your Exersaucer is your current favorite.
•You eat two meals a day, along with your milk, fruit for breakfast and a veggie for lunch. Green beans and peas are not your friend. So far you like bananas, sweet potatoes and squash.
•You have outgrown your bouncer. You figured out how to pull yourself up and I have come back in the room to find you leaning all the way forward with your hands on the floor. You’re out little Houdini.
•You are ticklish on the sides of your tummy. Daddy is best at getting your tickle spot.
•Your not yet crawling, but you can get to where you’re going by rolling and scooting.
•You can almost sit up.
•You’re baptized.
•You’re a very happy and active baby. You’re silly and laid back. You have a huge personality. Just one look at you and the troubles in the world are washed away.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

He melts my heart...

Our good friend Abby took some more fantastic pictures of our little man. Look how grown up he is!!!

Abby- As always you did an awesome job! Thank you so much!