Thursday, September 30, 2010

October already?!

How is it already October? I'm so excited for fall this year! Brock's 1st Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, oh my gosh I can't/can wait! I can't wait to experience all of these 1st's with Brock but at the same time I want time to freeze so I can enjoy every second of it. I picked Brock up from daycare the other day and I stopped at the door and watched him play for a few minutes before I went in. That's when it hit me that my baby isn't such a baby anymore! He's so big! He sits by himself, he plays so well with other kids, he's about to crawl, and he eats anything he can get his hands on... He needs to stop for a second! As awesome as he is to play with and as entertaining as he is when he laughs there is nothing that I enjoy more than feeding him his last bottle every night and watching him fall asleep in my arms. He's so sweet, peaceful and innocent. I would do anything to keep him that way!

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  1. I feel eactly the same way. I'm excited to experience all these new first things with Harper...but to know that she's flying through the firsts so fast makes me sad too.