Thursday, March 11, 2010


Can you believe it?! 35 weeks down... 35 days to go! We will officially be parents sometime in the next month or so! I'm so ready to meet little Brock and so ready to be a mommy and so ready see what an awesome dad Aaron is going be. I'm stoked to say the least. We have finished our Lamaze classes, our Breastfeeding class, our Infant Care class and apparently we are now ready to be parents. Ha! Aaron put our nursery furniture together last weekend and I'm going to get crafty this weekend and try to get everything set up. I have so much stuff to wash a put away... I swear the amount of stuff this kid already has is ridiculous! Well here are my stats...
  • How far along: 35 weeks
  • Weight gain: Hopefully the same as last week. But I've probably gained a pound in each ankle and about 1/2 a pound in each hand. Gross!
  • Maternity clothes: Yep
  • Belly button in or out: Still hasn't "popped"
  • Sleep: I'm back to being really uncomfortable and I've been tossing and turning all night. Last night I had the weirdest dream that I went in for our growth ultrasound (which is next week) and they discovered that Brock actually has a twin sister. The dream was so real & all I can remember was being so excited that I wasn't going to have to convince Aaron that we should try again for a girl and I was running around every where buying cute little dresses, bloomers and bows and I was suddenly decorating 2 nursery's not just one. Whoa Blair! One at a time here!
  • Stretch marks: Still none yet!!!
  • Food cravings: Food cravings suck. I HATE that all I want is Mexican food and I now have heart burn like you would not believe. From what I hear this means the baby's hair is growing. I sure hope so, I was a bald baby & I'm really hoping that Brock comes out with some blond hair that I can spike up!
  • Movement: It's more like multiple failed escape attempts. Aaron gets so crepped out when he sees a body part move across my stomach!
  • Labor signs: I've had some mild cramping but I'm sure that's just part of being pregnant!
  • What I'm looking forward to: Seeing Brock next week. This will be the last time we "see" him before we meet him!!!
  • What I miss most: My pre-pregnancy body. I used to complain about it then & now all I want is to be back to my normal self.
  • Miles stones: 35/35!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm right there with you! I can't wait for the mommy part of this to begin...and the heartburn to go away.