Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!!!

So we've been MIA for a while and ton has happened. I think we really lucked out with this one! He is finally to the point where he's not just eating, sleeping and pooping. He's so much fun! His daycare teachers always talk about how strong and smart he is and of course agree but I'm his Mom! So here's a little bit of what Brock has been up to this month....

He smiles and laughs. It's probably the cutest thing ever!

He rolls over both ways. Ms. Maria says he's going to be crawling soon and that I have mixed feelings about.

He loves to talk to us. It's like he's carrying on a full conversation with you! There is a 6 month old in his class that Brock likes to talk to. There is a big play mat in the middle of the floor and a bunch of bouncers and little gyms all around it. Ms. Maria said that Michael, Brock's little friend, was sitting on the play mat in front of Brock's bouncer and they were "talking" to each other. I could have died! I think they were probably calling dibs on the little girls. LOL!

He's up to 5oz every 3 hours. We're trying to get him to eat more and less often so he can go longer at night without a feeding. We're making progress!

He hits and kicks the toys on his play mat I don't think it's on purpose yet, but still. He still isn't holding anything other than our fingers and burp clothes or blankets but I'm hoping that is coming soon. I can't wait for him to actually play with his toys. He plays so hard he wares himself out!

He loves to look at himself in the mirror. Sounds a lot like someone I know- Love you Aaron!

Had his 1st 4Th of July. He was such a rock star he stayed up the whole night and sleep in the next day. Which was nice because Mommy and Daddy weren't feeling so hot...

Had his 1st trip to the beach which was also my 1st post baby girls weekend. He didn't care for the ocean or the sand but he loved the pool. I have to agree with him on that. While the beach is beautiful, it's not so much fun when you have sand in your diaper and salt water drying out your baby soft skin. We'll stick to the pool overlooking the beach!

I can't wait for his 4 month check up. I mean I hate that he will have to get more shots but I'm really curious to see how big he's gotten. I feel like he has grown so much. I want to see if he's ready for baby food. I want to get a better gage on just how good his head control is so he can play in his exersaucer.

On another note.... The house! It's a work in progress. Here are some pictures of what we've done so far. We haven't finished the living room or the master bed or bath and we still need to get a new kitchen table for our little nook but here is just a taste....

Ok. Just a few more pictures... I swear!

Brock and one of his Great Grandmas. She's really not doing well so he was so excited she got to meet him before she passed away. She even went to the beauty salon in the nursing home and got her hair done so she looked pretty when she met him. She's so sweet!

Brock with Grandpa Kevin, he wants to be called The Colonol and his wife Tami aka Nona

Our little family...

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