Monday, June 7, 2010

2 Months!!!

I can't believe it. Our little monkey man is already 2 moths old. We have all had a crazy month and life is finally starting to settle down a bit.

Here is a taste of what we've been up to this month...

We closed on our house! Yep, the one we waited nearly 8 months for… we finally moved in. I’m so in love with the house, the neighborhood, the neighbors… It’s all perfect. There are kids and young families all around us and it’s going to be a great place for Brock to grow up. And who knows I may even talk Aaron into trying one more time for a girl!

Brock started daycare. I love it and he seems to be happy there too! His teachers are wonderful… well I love all of them but one. His afternoon assistant teacher seems kind of cold towards me but she’s great with the kids so I guess that’s what’s most important. Ms. Maria is a doll and Brock loves her. Every morning when I drop him off she has the biggest smile and gives him a huge hug and Brock just smiles and stares at her. They have him on a schedule already too! Since he has started he eats much better and sleeps through the night! I could not be happier with them.

I’m back at work. The 1st day was hell. I cried the whole way to work, then found out my Grandfather passed away and had to catch up on all of my work. Talk about a rough one. Each day back has been easier than one before and I love that I can watch Brock online when ever I want. I’m so happy to have adult interaction and my social life back. I have less time with Brock now but I value the time I do have with him and I enjoy him much more now that I’m back at work. God bless all you stay-at-home-moms… You have way more patience than I will ever have!

Brock’s milestones…

•He’s getting better and better at holding his head up
•Got his 2 month shots and cried for 4 hours straight… fun stuff!!!
•Had his first plane ride & handled it like a champ
•Started daycare
•Smiles at you not just when he poops!
•Sleeps through the night **knocking on wood**
•Loves to “sit” & “stand” up so he check everything out… He’s so alert
•Survived his 1st runny nose
•Outgrew his newborn clothes and diapers. He’s now in 0-3 month clothes & level 1 diapers. He’s getting so big!
•He’s starting to coo
•He weighs about 9 pounds
•Still has tons of dark hair


  1. I love the picture of Brock at the top of your blog. Your baby boy is precious!

  2. That is awesome that you can watch him during the day.

    I have to fly with Harper soon and I'm a little nervouse. I might have to get some tips from you.

  3. Nikki- Just make sure you give Harper something to suck on during take off and landing. The sucking motion is similar to us chewing gum and helps with their ears poping. I also gave Brock a little bit of Tylenol & as soon as the plane started moving and the noise kicked in he was out ans he slept the whole way.