Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays!

This time of year is just crazy! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Did Santa bring you everything you hoped and wished for?! I know Brock scored a pretty big Christmas & he's not even here yet! He got lots of blankies and clothes that are sure to make your heart melt. Grandpa Kevin & Tami got us a travel system that I completely adore. Aaron & I had tons of fun pushing Maggie (our Yorkie-Poo) around in the stroller. She was too cute- I'll have to post pictures of that later. My awesome hubby got me some much needed maternity clothes for work and a gift card to a spa! Oh man I can't wait for my massage! Anyway, here is Aaron & I Christmas Day- also 24 weeks.

  • How far along: 24 weeks
  • Weight gain: I haven't been on a scale in a while- I would guess +10 lbs
  • Maternity clothes: Yep, cute new ones too!
  • Sleep: Back to not sleeping well :(
  • Stretch marks: No
  • Best moment of this week: Christmas!!!
  • Food cravings: Cookies- I really love Snicker doodle
  • Movement: Several time per day now. We can see little kicks too!
  • Labor sings: No
  • What I miss most: Being tan. Aaron & I used to be the same color! Haha!
  • What I'm looking forward to: Seeing Brock Christian next week. I have another ultrasound on Thursday b/c he was being stubborn at the anatomy scan and they weren't able to get the pictures of his little face that they needed.
  • Milestones: Happy V-Day to me! Viability Day that is. Brock is now big enough to survive in the real world. Obviously we want to keep him cooking for as long a possible but it's a great feeling to know our chances are good if something horrible should happen.

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  1. Cute picture! It is nice to be at the viability stage, isn't it?! I am jealous of your massage! I really need one!