Friday, August 27, 2010

Brock's moving up :(

Today is Brock's last day in Infant A. Monday he officially starts in Infant B! They started transitioning him on Wednesday to the "big kid class" and he's doing great. When they told me they had to move him up early to make room for the little babies I freaked out! What do they mean the "little babies" he IS a little baby! He's my little baby! He's not even the oldest one in his class but he's apparently the most developmentally ready. He's eating solids, sitting supported, scooting and he loves the exersaucer so I guess it's bye bye Ms. Maria :(

Speaking of solids...

Don't sweet potatoes just look like so much fun?! Brock loves eating real food. He's now getting bananas for breakfast, sweet potatoes for lunch and rice cereal for dinner along with his bottles of course. People always say they grow up too fast... but holy shit! Slow down buddy! Mommy's not ready for this!

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  1. That is so adorable. I want to start Harper on solids, but I don't want her growing up so fast.