Wednesday, August 11, 2010

4 months

Dear Brock,
You are 4 months old now and you’re thriving! You’re just a little guy right now but I know I’ll blink and you’re going to be a big boy. You weighed just 13 lbs 4 oz’s (10th percentile) at your 4 month check up and you were 23 inches long. You’re such a little peanut but you will move mountains! You have started eating solids but only rice cereal for now. Your Doctor said you’re ready for fruits and veggies but I think we’ll wait a few more weeks for that! You’re so big and strong! You can sit with just a little help from Mommy or Daddy. You don’t like to be in one place for too long. Darn it! You have places to go and people to see! You just started scooting this week!!! Before we know it you’re going to be a crawler! I’m pretty sure you have your first girlfriend. Her name is Lucy and she’s the prettiest girl in your class. You love when Ms. Maria and Ms. Debbie put you on the mat for tummy time so that you can scoot on over to Lucy and flirt. You are your father’s son! You are very social, happy and funny. You love to people watch just like your mommy. You will talk to anyone who will listen and you love to laugh. You think your daddy is a pretty funny guy but I’m sure you just think he’s funny looking! You are so incredibly loved. These have been the best 4 months of my life and I’m looking forward to watching you grow in to the amazing person I know you will be.
I love you buddy!

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