Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brock's 1st Hair Cut

So... I may or may not have had the worst case of Mom goggles ever...

We finally realized that Brock was in desperate need of a hair cut. Much to our disappointment the long hair thing just wasn't working for him.

We took him to one of those kid's hair cut places. As we walked in I see this pint sized stylist cutting another little boys hair. He was getting the traditional little boy hair cut. You know the one where they just take clippers to it all the way around and shape around the ears way too much. So now their forehead looks huge and there is so much space between the top of their ear and their hair line their ears look huge too?! All I could think was what if she makes Brock look like a dork like this other kid?!?!

We went ahead and strapped him in the chair. Much to our surprise she listened to what we asked for and did a great job. That other Mom must have wanted her son to look like that. Poor kid!




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  1. Ah! He looks so cute! I had the Mom Goggles big time too, thank goodness for pictures. Haha