Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 weeks already?!

I can't believe Brock is already two weeks old. He is doing amazing and Aaron and I could not be more in love. I started pumping and giving Brock breast milk from a bottle about a week after we got home. We were having issues with him latching on and he kept falling asleep. I felt like he was on my boob all the time. We are all much happier now that he is getting a full tummy each time he eats and Mommy's boobs are not being treated as pacifiers anymore! He is sleeping really well and would probably sleep through the night if I didn't have to wake him up to feed him every 3-4 hours. He has an appointment with his pediatrician this week and if he has gained all of his weight back I wont have to wake him up to feed anymore!!! He is such a good baby! Aaron and I are so blessed!

Our friend Abby who took my maternity pictures took some newborn pictures of Brock. They turned out so cute! Thank you so much Abby! You did an amazing job- As always!!!


  1. He's beautiful! Congratulations again!

  2. Those newborn pics are awesome! Your little boy is so cute. Congrats on the good sleeper, we're working on it.