Friday, January 15, 2010

27 Weeks

  • How far along?: 27 weeks
  • Weight gain: +15 pounds
  • Maternity clothes: Yes
  • Sleep: I have been waking up at least 2 or 3 times per night either to pee or b/c of lag cramps. This sucks! I feel like I'm back in 1st tri- I'm SO tired!
  • Stretch marks: No
  • Best moment of this week: I still LOVE to feel and watch the baby move
  • Food cravings: Peanut butter sandwiches with salt & vinegar chips
  • Movement: He's all over the place!
  • Labor signs: No
  • What I'm looking forward to: I have a doctor's appointment next week- I'll get to hear the heartbeat again!
  • Milestones: Hello 3rd trimester. I can't believe I'm actually going to have this baby soon. Were in the finial stretch & it's gone by so fast!


  1. I hear you with the leg cramps - ugh! I hate them! Yay for 3rd tri!

  2. yay! i can't wait to meet baby Brock!!

  3. You may have heard this beforfe but... stretch before bed and when you feel one coming on, pull your foot back towards you. Good luck! Yah for the 3rd trimester!